Simple Celebrity Beauty Secrets That Work For Everyone

When you live and work in the eye of the public, your appearance is of the utmost importance. So, how do those glamorous celebrities always seem to look their best? They have little beauty secrets that are quick and easy when they have to look good quick!

If you love the look of pouty lips, but wasn’t blessed by nature, try some peppermint extract! Mariah Carey uses a few dabs before appearances to give her lips that sultry look. Peppermint actually works to increase the flow of blood in your lips, giving them a fuller look.

If none of the lotions and conditioners have seemed to help soften your dry skin, have some red wine with your bath! Don’t drink it, or at least not all of it, add two cups to your bath water like Desperate Housewife star Teri Hatcher does each night for softer skin!

You can treat your pimples while brushing your teeth if you follow Jennifer Love Hewitt’s example. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the affected area to dry it up overnight. Her flawless skin is a good indicator that this remedy probably does work! Another of her beauty secrets is pink lip gloss, don’t apply it to your lips, use it as a long lasting blush!

Do you want lipstick that actually has to wear off? Then have some cherry Jell-O! Claudia Schiffer keeps those gorgeous red lips red longer by staining them with powdered Jell-O. To keep from staining your fingers as well, use a damp cotton swab to apply the powder to moist lips. After about five minutes lick it off and apply some clear gloss.

To get that gleaming white smile Catherine Zeta-Jones uses crushed strawberries instead of toothpaste. And, her shiny, healthy hair comes from treatments of castor oil. The Pharaohs used castor oil to deter losing their hair!

If you just didn’t sleep well last night but need to look like you’re wide awake, white eyeliner can help. Natasha Bedingfield uses white eyeliner in the sides of her eyes to make the really stand out! And, Angelina Jolie adds all that luscious volume to her hair with a bit of baby powder massaged into her long strands!