Rosacea and skin care – physical and psychological treatment

Rosacea is one disease that is not completely curable even today. Even the causes of rosacea are a subject of speculation, which makes it difficult to find a cure for it. Genetic defects, bacterial infection, skin mites and overexposure to the sun are some of the factors that are thought of as causing rosacea. It is very important to have an effective rosacea skin care program in order to exercise some control over the difficult symptoms of the disease.

Rosacea skin care for the management of the disease

The disease affects people who suffer from rosacea, not only physically but also psychologically. Often, the unattractive skin flushing, the swollen red nose, the reddish discoloration of skin makes the patient feel unappealing. What begins with mild distress in loss of aesthetics can at times end in complete loss of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fortunately, these symptoms can be easily managed most of the times. There are several rosacea skin care treatments, which can control this disease to a great degree. Medical science is able to spot the initial stages of this disease, the pre-rosacea stage, when rosacea skin care treatment is applied at this stage, most of the worst symptoms can be prevented.

The most common rosacea skin care treatment concerns the use of topical applications of ointment, gels and creams, which have specific antibiotics to fight the skin flushing, red bumps and other (worst) symptoms of rosacea. If this is not able to effectively control it then steroids, accutane and retinoids are used as well. Laser is also used as a very successful rosacea skin care treatment by the people who are not content with the results of regular treatments.

Some advise that a minor change in your lifestyle can be tremendously useful in controlling this skin disease. For example, it has been observed that people who avoid certain foods such as tomatoes, eggplants, dairy products, pepper (both black and white), chocolates, spinach, vinegar, wine, raisins, bananas, beer, garlic and B6 and B12 rich foods are able to manage the disease better than those who do not. Other than that, the patient should also make sure that their water intake is high so that the skin is sufficiently hydrated.

The patient should also keep away from the use of any abrasive cleaning products on the skin lest the condition be worsened by it. Proper cleanliness is very essential, but greatest care should be taken not to promote the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil since this aggravates the problem.

Along with addressing the aesthetic part of rosacea skin care treatment; it is very crucial to ensure that the patient does not suffer from loss of self-esteem. Rosacea skin care treatment must also include counseling sessions for the patients so as to encourage them to keep their appearance separate from the issue of self-confidence and their esteem. Family support and encouragement play a crucial role in rosacea skin care program because a person tends to get depressed and loses hope when faced with the hard reality of the disease. If a person is able to face the disease with his chin up, it is half the battle won.