Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes Selection of Style

Makeup tutorials for brown eyes are one of the easiest eyes makeup that you can do. Because the dark eyes color will be suitable for any eyeshadow colors. Therefore, there will not be difficult to put some colors on your eyes. For one, the soft and natural color can be used. Furthermore, the darker or smokey eyes can also be used. Check this article out for some inspirations of both eye makeup style.

Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes with Smokey Eyes

the first type of makeup tutorials for brown eyes are for the smokey eyes. The smokey eyes basically will have the eyes deep and dark with a dark color that will make the eyes looks mysterious and glamour. The color used could be brown and purple. As for the edge, a black eyeshadow can be applied. Furthermore, smokey eyeshadow for brown eyes will need a thick eyeliner and mascara. Therefore, it will be more perfect.

Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes with Natural Style

since the eyes already have a dark color, it will be great to have the soft and natural makeup for daily usage. Because it can make the look simple and casual. For the makeup tutorials for brown eyes, the peach or creme color can be used. Moreover, then, the light blue or green can also be used. However, make sure that the application of the color does not make the eye look pale. Because it can ruin your look.

The eye makeup can determine the theme and impression of your look. Therefore, the color selection should be well considered. When you have dark eyes, the smoky eyes will be perfect for a special occasion. As for the daily usage, the soft and natural colors will be great. Just make sure to follow the makeup tutorials for dark brown eyes. This way, you will have the perfect makeup tutorials for brown eyes.