Best types of hairdressing scissors

Choose the best hair shears comparison, of hairdressing/barber scissors not only will it facilitate you in the task of cutting or removing your hair, but you can get any fashion cut, at the expense of the difficulties to achieve it.

But did you know that the blades of your hairdressing scissors are just as important as the grip of your fingers?

When it comes to styling and cutting hair, a good finger position and an ergonomic grip will save future nerve problems in your hand.

In this article, I will show you the 5 best hairdressing scissors not only the professional cutting ones but also those created by hand with very sharp Japanese blades.

Jaguar Pre Style Relax – Hairdressing Scissors

Initially, you may find these Jaguar professional hair scissors a little tight in your hand. This will take you a long time to get used to because they actually have holes that are small enough for your fingers.

But this, as you will discover over time is a matter of technical outlet, in fact, if it will remove the ‘ ring of rubber for the’ grip of the thumb, will have a grip balance and relaxed.

If you only insert your fingertips into the handles, it is a job that will not strain the joints at all, much less keep the nerves of the hand in tension.

It is suitable both as barber scissors, therefore to adjust the length of the mustache, cut the pins and refine the details of the shades, but also to cut hair in the world of women.

It has proved to be an excellent scissor for making straight cuts, where maximum precision and attention are required, thanks also to the presence of micro-teeth on the blade, which facilitate the task.

If we want to be fussy and find a fault, there is no screw to adjust the tension between the two blades, but it is a problem that is obvious for this type of low-cost hairdressing scissors.

  • It has nothing to envy to the more expensive hairdressing scissors, you can trim both the beard and mustache as well as the hair
  • Super-sharp scissors, fantastic for making straight cuts also thanks to the presence of micro-toothed blades